Name: Beck


Physical Stats (Dimensions): 58Lx19.5WX34.5H

About me:Beck - short for Rebecca, life for me is all about being open to change and embracing who you are in the moment.  When people told me I was crazy for getting rid of my original base and replacing it with new hairpin legs I stayed true to what I knew I wanted and was best for me!  A new navy paint job and an untraditional gray wash to my wood drawers really brings it all together.  Remember to ALWAYS stay true to you!

Likes: Living life the way you want, following the wind, and that holistic life.

Dislikes: Negative Vibes, naysayers, and all the haters

What do you hate most about the dating process? The balance of being real and also trying to not overwhelm some one with too many details about your where do you draw the line?

Beck - Navy and Gray Wash Buffet


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