Name: Cleo

Price: $495

Physical Stats (Dimensions): 62.5Lx18Dx31.5H

About me: I'm a simple girl, but I like things crisp, clean, and organized.  Looks are definitely important to me, that's why I keep myself a subtle but beautiful shade of Alabaster White and top it all off with a bit of bling - my shiny new brass hardware. 

Likes: Cleanliness, organization, storage options, staying in bed all day, and pops of color to bring some life to my surroundings.

Dislikes: Dirt, mean people, and clutter.

Shark diving, bungee jumping, or skydiving?: Well, I am a dresser so being submerged in water is out for sure! Jumping out of a moving plane is also a hard no. I feel like I could really wrap myself up securely and with the use of some extra straps and bungees - bungee jumping could not only be possible but fun! 


Cleo - 9 Drawer Wave Front Dresser


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