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The Dirty F Word

Growing up I NEVER would have called myself a feminist. Even into my late 20's it felt like there was such a negative connotation associated with the word. Like to identify myself as a feminist would mean that I didn't wear a bra, hated men on principle, and probably didn't shave my legs or armpits.

I know, I know.......insert eyeroll. Who was that girl?

It wasn't until Andrea and I started running our own business that I really started identifying myself as a feminist. Here are the 4 things that being a feminist means to me now and that I hope women of all ages (1-100+) can hold to be true.

1. Us women folk are pretty extraordinary

I full-heartedly believe there is nothing a man can do that a woman can't. Running a two woman business has given Andrea and I all the incentive in the world to become self sufficient in many things. Tasks and jobs that in the beginning I would never have dreamed of tackling. And let me tell you, IT FEELS GREAT! I no longer look at things and think I can't do that.... but now look at it and say "How do I do that?" and then proceed to figure it out.

2. Healthy Body Image is SOOOOOOO Important.

This is a bit tricky, because I still totally care what I look like and don't always love the body I've been blessed with. But instead of trying to squish myself into that 36x24x36 box that I will NEVER fit into, I'm making a greater effort to surround myself with positive body image role models. Insert my girl crush Ashley Graham.

I love the fact that women of all sizes and types are being glorified. Teaching younger generations to love themselves and the bodies they have been blessed with is a HUGE step for women.

3. Standing up for myself and other women is important.

If myself or a woman near me feel uncomfortable, I will not be shamed into saying nothing. Big personality and all, I very rarely stay quiet if someone has upset me. I refuse to feel guilty about not letting it go and making a scene. In fact I feel the opposite way. If I bite my tongue and say nothing I am just as much a part of the problem.

4. Women supporting women means EVERYTHING

The world won't acknowledge our strength and power until we acknowledge it in ourselves and the women who surround us.

Not everybody is going to be your cup of tea and that's fine, but lets try not to intentionally hurt each other. Make a bigger effort to support the women who you admire and are doing great things. I guarantee you that even if it's not somebody you know well or personally they would love to hear that you think they are AMAZING!


  • You can do anything.

  • You are beautiful.

  • Speak up and stand up.

  • Spread the love!

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