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Q: Would you paint my furniture?

A: Most definitely - Head here to get a custom quote

Q: Do I have to sand before I paint?

A: You don't have to do anything you don't want to do, but we highly recommend sanding/cleaning well/ and priming pieces of furniture you are going to paint. Here's a link to the steps we follow for every piece

Q: Do you take consignment?

A: Long story short: While our name still contains Resale our business focus has shifted and we no longer accept items on consignment.

Q: Do you buy furniture?

A: We do and we'd love to see what you are selling. Please send a photo, dimensions, and what you are asking for the piece in an email to

Q: Do you offer a painting class?

A: We did in the past but we no longer offer a furniture painting class.

Q: How do I sign up to be a Makers Market Vendor?

A: We open registration for the Spring Market mid December and Fall registration mid May. Best way to get notified is to sign up for our email list on our website.

Q: Do you offer delivery?

A: We do for an additional fee based in mileage. Let us know you would like delivery and we can give you a quote with your address information.

Q: When are you open?

A: We know, our hours aren't your conventional retail store hours. That's because we aren't your typical store! We've found the what you guys really enjoy are our events so we've focused our business to be what we have dubbed 'event based retail'. The best place to find our hours is on our on the website or our Facebook page. Please don't rely on google.........they don't understand us and post that we are open when we are actually closed.

Q: Why is there a fee for Makers Market / Are you donating that money?

A: We don't consider our Makers Market Sun Prairie a "traditional craft fair" like you may be used to. It's an event for us, where you get to enjoy live music, food trucks, and a line up of incredibly talented local makers. It's an event that is not free to host once you consider the additional insurance, city permits, porta potty rentals, golf cart rentals, musician fees, marketing, grounds rental, our time spent coordinating and so many more small details. As a small business trying to create new events for the community the entrance fee helps us cover these costs. We truly try to make our event an experience that you can come share the whole day with us. Andrea and Kendall spend A LOT of time putting together the big day and the fee to get in supports us and our store.

While we would love to one day have a market large enough that we can donate a portion of our profits to charity, our business just isn't there yet. So instead we try to support our community by offering a booth spot each market to a local charity or organization so they can raise money and collect funds at Makers Market. Please be on the lookout for them and support their efforts if you are able to do so!!

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