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Brass Snacks - Bite Sized Restoration Stories

Cleo - Wave Front Long Low Dresser

So the truth is guys - we don't always get it right on the first try. Sometimes a piece will sit around in the back with Andrea and I looking and looking at it, trying to figure out why we don't love it. Other times we love it, but you guy don't, and it sits on the sales floor staring at us making us wonder "Have we lost our touch? Why don't they love you as much as we do?". Cleo is one such tail.

Swoooon! This picture was the AH HA! moment.

Cleo came to us in rough shape. Like giants dings, dents, scratched, stickers, nail polish, and random pieces of scotch tape ALLLLL over it rough shape. We almost said no to her and her matching tall boy. But then, we looked beyond all that surface damage and saw the amazing body lines of the those wave front drawers, the very cute feet that lift them ever so slightly off the floor, and noticed that they were SOLID wood. The drawers on this dresser were still in great shape and slid in and out like a dream.

Thank the lord for quick wood! You can see on this picture how much this dresser needed repairs!

Our first revival attempt for this in need wave front long low included a fun pop of color to complete our kids room for our Spring 2019 collections. We loved the fun colors of that portion of the collection, but it proved to not be popular with all of you. Personally - I would have put this dresser in my home in a heart beat if I had the space for it. Persian blue and wood tones are my jam.

First attempt - his name was Wilbur and I still maintain that he was AWESOME!

I mean, come on people! Those wood knobs and handles are EVERYTHING! Wilbur was cool. But, you guys didn't all. Literally, coming into the Fall 2019 collection we had not had even ONE person show interest in good ole Wilbur.

And then while we were trying to piece the collection for Fall 2019 together in our heads it hit me.......we still have the matching tallboy to paint. So my mind started thinking about where we went wrong and I realized that we weren't letting the pieces very cool lines and adorable feet do the talking for the dresser. It was all just to much. (Also kinda my thing).

So we changed it all up. We switched the bold color choice to a neutral and lovely Alabaster white. We removed the wood knobs and handles and added sleek stylish brass knobs and handles in their place.

Pair those changes with the matching tall boy and we really had something going!

Cleo's matching tallboy - Wint

We knew we had a pair of winners on our hands as soon as the hardware was installed. AND GUESS WHAT? You guys agreed! These dressers sold with in seconds of the front gate opening and we probably could have sold them 3 times over. (If only we could get our hands on wave front dressers that easily!!)

Moral of the story - sometimes it takes a second look and attempt to get it right in this revived furniture gig. Best part about paint - it's not permanent and it can be changed. It just takes an open mind and a little vision!

Soooo happy we didn't pass these up!

and happy for second chances!

As horrible as it felt when you guys didn't love Wilbur, it felt that much better when you were running through the gates to get your hands on Cleo and Wint.

Ok, that it for this one, BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


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