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Zoe - Iron Ore and Wood 9 Drawer MCM Dresser

This dresser is the stuff our dreams are made of. When we found it, there was some serious surface damage. At first we weren't sure we would be able to keep any of it wood. With a good sanding, cleaning, and some new stain we were able to salvage those amazing wood drawers and handles.

The wood on wood simplicity of these drawers and sculpted wood knobs is what makes this dresser shine!

In the picture below you can see the spots of damage we were dealing with on the front. What you can't see is the giant water mark on the top that there was just no hope of being able to cover with stain. Often people think that if there is surface damage a piece is ruined. The truth is that as long as the damage is just that - surface damage - the piece is still solid and more than usable. The art of refinishing is knowing the limitations of your products and how to use them to make these pieces shine again!

Those dark spots look ominous,but they were simply surface damage that remved with sanding and cleaning.

I ,Kendall, knew from the get go that what was special about Zoe were these AMAZING wood handles. It was important to her to let them shine and not distract from the simple beauty of this 9 drawer. Sherwin Williams Iron Ore was just the ticket for the paint color for the shell. It's a very warm grey that complements a variety of wood tones.

Seriously - could those handles be anymore amazing?

One of my favorite moments in the refinishing process is getting the dresser on the photo wall and staging it. I have a bit of a process I follow with every piece:

1st: Stage

2nd: Take shots from front, top, side angles, and front close ups.

3rd: Edit Photos

4th: Create Before and After Collage

This is when it really all comes together. We can take a moment to step back and appreciate what we started with and what we've created.

Before and Afters are my absolute FAVORITE!

I'm not sure there is anything more satisfying in this world than a stunning before and after.

and Zoe tops the list as one of our best extreme transformations!

Ok that's all for this one...........byyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!


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