Ticket Giveaway Details

We’d love to have your help promoting Makers Market Sun Prairie and would like to offer you 2 free tickets to give away on your social media page to your followers. You can promote these 2 free tickets on either Facebook or Instagram.


Couple requirements for this giveaway:

  • You need to tag Makers Market Sun Prairie. (When writing your post you will need to use the @ sign and then start typing Makers Market Sun Prairie and click to select it. You may need to do this on your computer instead of your phone if Makers Market Sun Prairie isn’t coming up.)

  • We also want you to have in your post that to be eligible to win the tickets your followers will need to share AND comment on your post. You can make the comment whatever you’d like… Tag a friend you’d share the tickets with, comment what you are looking for at the market, where you’ll be travelling from, etc. This will help more people find out about your business as well as the market that you will be featured at.

  • We recommend to run the giveaway for 2-3 days. After that time frame the comments usually die out a bit.

  • This giveaway HAS to be run before April 15th, 2019 in order to give us time to mail out the tickets. 


If you google random Facebook comment picker you’ll find a handful of sites that you can drop the link from your post in to have it pick a random winner. A live video is great but if you’re not all about doing live videos you can just do a post after the drawing is over to announce the winner. Once you pick the winner you are able to private message them from their comment on your post. You can let them know that they have won and ask for their mailing address for us to mail 2 tickets to them.


After you have selected your winner and collected their mailing address you can send us an email (info@brasstacksresale.com) or private message on social media with their name, address and a link to your giveaway post. We’ll take a look over everything and mail out their 2 free tickets directly to them.




POST (You will need to edit the red parts to fit within your post):

We’re so excited to giveaway 2 free tickets to @Makers Market Sun Prairie on May 5th, 2019! If you haven't heard about this event yet it is an outdoor market featuring 75+ local vendors showcasing handcrafted goods, vintage finds, and lifestyle goods.  A fun day of shopping, live music, and great food!


To win these 2 free tickets share this post and comment _____(friend, travelling distance, what you're looking for, etc)__________ below. Winner will be picked on _________(date)_________

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