We get it, we were you or more honestly we still are you. You're going to get to that project. It's going to get done, next week or maybe the week after. Or maybe you just haven't found the right person to take on your project. If you're like us you've been saying that for a while now and maybe it's time. 

The project we're talking about specifically is that dresser, buffet, table, hutch, nightstands, etc in your house that is a total eye sore but has great bones. The one you've been holding on to because it was passed down generations. Or the one you know you can total Pinterest the crap out of it (when you have some free time of course).


Let us get that piece done for you and check it off your to do list. Every piece we work on is sanded, cleaned, primed, painted and sealed to ensure great durability in your home. Honestly, the thing we hear most often after working on a custom piece is "why didn't we do this sooner!?" Sooner could start today by getting a custom painting quote on that piece you already own. 

Unfinished Dressr

Get a Quote

Just 3 easy steps to get a quote:

1. Give us a few details on your piece

2. Attach photos

3. Hit Submit & we'll email you a quote

Furniture Before & After

Before and After

This is quite possibly the most rewarding part for us. To see the piece all finished up and compare it to the original gets us every time. 

White Paintd Dresser

Our Portfolio

Not quite sure what direction to go with your piece? Check out our portfolio of previous completed pieces for some inspiration. 

Custom Refinishing

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