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Your Furniture


I already own the piece I would like to refinish/paint:

Three easy steps to get a quote:

1. Give us a few details on your piece

2. Attach photos

3. Hit Submit & we'll email you a quote

Our Furniture

Copy of IMG_4531.jpg

I like a piece of your Unfinished Furniture:

1.Pay Down Deposit on Site

2. Let us know in the notes what your vision  looks like.

3. We will finalize all details  and get started.

Find Furniture

thinking women with question mark on white background.jpg

I need you to find me a piece to refinish/paint:

Three easy steps to start our search:

1. Tell us what you are looking for

2. Attach inspiration photos

3. Hit Submit then we'll email you back with details and a quote



Give us some information about your piece and refinishing preferences.


Attach pictures of your piece and some inspiration or style photos.


Click submit and your work is done!

Sit back and relax. We will have a free quote to you within one week

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