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Smokey - Iron Ore and Wood Teachers Desk

Name: Smokey


Physical Stats (Dimensions): 60Lx34Dx30H

About me: I've been around awhile, I've seen some things, and learned even more.  My dark iron ore exterior and warm wood drawers tell a lot about me.  I'm tough and rumble on the outside, but I'm really a warm guy where it counts!  Never been afraid of a little hard work.  I may be old but I'm just as sturdy as my young buck days.  I went in to talk about getting my hardware replaced and the pretty ladies at Brass Tacks said "uh-uh, no can do sir that hardware just needs a good cleaning.  It has way too much character to get rid of." Then they talked me into some new "boots" if you will......what do you think about my new pin legs?

Likes: Hard workers, John Wayne, and Big Sky Country.

Dislikes: Untrustworthy, conniving, just all around no good people........ you know the type.

What do you feel people take for granted the most? The great outdoors.  People these days are so attached to their electronic doohickeys and such.  Sometimes I just wanna grab the things smash them on the ground and give the person a good shake to wake them up to the wonderous world around them!

Smokey - Iron Ore and Wood Teachers Desk

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