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A dresser fit for a nursery

I recently found out that one of my best friends from growing up was having a baby girl. After all the excitement of finding out I knew I wanted to have a hand in making something special for the nursery. So what better way than to paint a dresser for her!

My friend had decided that she wanted a chic black and white nursery with some fun pops of pink. So we went to good ol' Pinterest and got some inspiration for the dresser.

Then the search for the perfect dresser in our warehouse began. We had plenty of options for her (seriously though we could probably be considered hoarders). Don't tell our husbands! This is the dresser she picked out, yes this is the exact picture I sent her and she said yes! My heart pattered that she could see the beauty in this dresser and then it slightly dropped because I knew the work that needed to go into this one. It was shoved to the back of our warehouse because it needed a lot of work. There was some ungodly sticky stuff on the top, a big chunk of one of the drawer fronts was broke off and the smell......

After hours of cleaning, stripping, and sanding it was truly a beautiful dresser! Maybe you don't see it yet but this was my "YES, it's going to work!" moment.

I used General Finishes Lamp Black and Antique White Milk Paint to paint her dresser and sealed it with their High Performance Top Coat. Their products are amazing and are made right here in Wisconsin! Here is a picture of the after!

She has adorable black and gold polka dot knobs that will be put on that will give it that nursery feel but I just couldn't wait to get pictures of it so I put on some hardware that we had at the warehouse (another serious addiction of ours) So excited to get this into her nursery so she can start putting away those adorable little girl clothes!

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