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Brass Snacks - Bite Sized Restoration Stories

We all have that golden oak piece; handed down to you from a parent or's sturdy as can be, but that color is just soooooooooooooo 90's. We understand that it can be almost impossible to imagine it in your new space, but fight the temptation to donate it or burn it - it could just be the piece of your dreams.

That's what our customer did. This shelf was so well made and had unbelievable lines and detail, but that golden oak color was just killing the vibe she wanted in her newly remodeled space

We knew instantly that what this guy needed was to be stripped down and have a new raw wood wash finish. Getting there was a process - after removing 24 panels of glass (that meant removing 96 wood frame pieces from the inside door panels and at least 768 pin nails from those individual wood frame pieces) the entire piece needed that old finish removed - including the 96 individual wood frame pieces.

Image on Left - White washed finish (left) compared to striped door (right)

Image on Right - Striped Door Compared with original

To say our Surf Prep and Dewalt sanders worked hard on this one is an understatement.

It's moments like this that I am TRULY thankful for a business partner like Andrea who takes the time to not only find incredible tools for us, but then also fights with me until I give in and agree that we should purchase said expensive tools.

Normally, once the original finish has been removed it's easy sailing from there on..............but those 96 individual glass frame pieces each needed to be white washed and sealed by hand. Then it was cleaning the glass and reattaching all 96 pieces to hold those 24 glass panels in place with another 768 pin nails. doors are pretty, but they are WORK!

Work that is well worth it in the end!



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