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We have our quirks too

So we thought it would be fun to do a behind the scenes blog post about each other.... We'll see if we're still friends after this one!

5 Fun Facts About Kendall Written By Andrea

1. My nickname for her is Shebear

2. She is kind of terrible at spelling and grammar (she claims it's her phone auto-correcting. right....)

3. She has a slight obsession with Excel spreadsheets.

4. I make her do most of the table top displays in the store. She's got the eye for creating interesting vignettes.

5. She'd give you the shirt off her back if you needed it


5 Fun Facts About Andrea Written By Kendall

1. My nickname for her is Trainwreck

2. Andrea's a bit of a perfectionist - does it really matter that auto correct messes with all of my text messages and internet postings?

3. She's very organized and self motivated. For this reason, I allow her to schedule out our weeks.

4. Under that responsible exterior there's an Andrea that can cut loose with the best of them - that time just needs to be planned out.

5. She is a fiercely loyal friend. The type you have full trust in and never stop to question it for a second.

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