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My DIY Battle

My Pinterest board, Facebook, and photoreal are all bursting at the seams with DIY projects I had every intention of completing. ( I can't be alone here...right?!?!?) The sad truth, there is absolutely no way I will ever complete even a half of them, OK more like even a quarter. Even worse, the list keeps growing!

There are so many exceptionally creative and talented people in this world and many of the projects on my DIY list are items I could have bought from one of them.

It's time for me to show my love for the creative community by purchasing those items that I love and need in my life, rather then adding another project on the NEVER getting done list.

This may sound easy, but when you're a DIY'er it can be very difficult to ignore the little voice in your head saying "that would be so much fun to make" or "I can totally do that!". There is a sense of pride that comes along with completing a task and the voice saying "I did that!!".

I could never not DIY, but I want to promote more spontaneous happy dances! ( As a small business owner, I assure you there is actual dancing and true happiness when someone validates what you are doing by purchasing one of your items!)

So go forth and purchase my fellow DIY'ers........... and feel free to justify your purchases with the fact that you made somebody else's day!

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