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Our Personal Home Decor Style

We get a lot of people in store wondering what our personal style is. So for those of you who are curious, here is the down-low on where we draw inspiration from, how we would categories our style, favorite color, and favorite pieces in our homes.



I am a lover of all things old and rusty! Find the biggest hunk of junk in the pile and chances are I'll think it is simply amazing and want to take it home with me because "I can find something to do with that!"


My decor style is pretty eclectic and I have pieces that could fit in all different design categories all over my home. Example: My kitchen table is more modern, but right next to it is an old Victrola record player I converted into a bar cart.


You can ask my husband what my favorite color is and he will respond without a second thought "Turquoise". I love having bright bold pops of color in every room and most of the time that color is turquoise.

Favorite Piece:

If my home was burning down and I could save a piece of furniture or decor item it would be my grandpas cigarette roller. The amazing's not even turquoise, but it is this amazing worn shade of red and there are just a million memories attached to it.

**Stay tuned for our next blog featuring Andreas style!**

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