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Our Personal Home Decor Style

We get a lot of people in store wondering what our personal style is. So for those of you who are curious, here is the down-low on where we draw inspiration from, how we would categorize our style, favorite color, and favorite pieces in our homes.



So my husband and I are now into our 3rd home and will most likely be moving to a new home in the next 2-4 years so I am a bit of a minimalist with my home style. Moving a ton of stuff from home to home is no fun at all so we like to keep it simple! I am all about function and practicality in my home. Plus we now have 2 little ones so we need as much storage and open play space as possible. So I need to absolutely LOVE a piece or it needs to function for me to bring it into my home.


Just like Kendall my decor style is pretty eclectic with pieces that could fit in all different design categories. Since we have owned our store, I've been able to find some consignment pieces that I loved as well as painting furniture pieces for specific spots in my home. In my living room the rug and couch were consignment items. I reupholstered the two accent chairs and painted the coffee table and end table. I have a few new accessories but majority of my house is all second-hand.

Andrea's Living Room

Favorite Piece:

One of my favorite pieces is this green hutch in my kitchen. Honestly it's not really a color that fits in with anything else in my house but it's a piece from my mom's floral shop so it holds sentimental value to me. Plus the storage underneath is incredible (sooooo many kids games and crafts are stored in there). It was made from reclaimed fence posts and she used it for display in her store.

Green Hutch


I love combining grays, blues and mustard yellow. I didn't realize my love for yellow until I started thinking about what I was going to photograph for this blog. I have a splash of yellow in just about every room. I think it really brightens up a space. Below is a chair I reupholstered and we had it for sale at one of our home events. It didn't sell at the event so I decided that it was meant to be mine. I love it in our master bedroom.

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