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5 Things we couldn't run our business without.

Running a business is no joke. We love being self employed and there are a lot of perks, but for every perk there is probably a coinciding negative. Luckily there are so many great options out there for making life easier! Here is our top 5 list of things we COULD NOT LIVE and run our business without.

1. Amazon Prime Membership

Seriously, what isn't great about Prime? I thought it was handy before running our own business. Now, I don't know how I ever lived with out it. Great prices on almost anything we need, free two day shipping (sometimes next day delivery!), and all with out leaving the store. All hail the Amazon GODS!

It was a huge investment for our little business but soooooooooo worth it! We've had different brands and smaller models that got the job done, but this machine was a GAME CHANGER! The quality of our finishes went through the roof. Not only that, but it makes us so much more productive!

These things do work. Before we purchased this sander 1.5 years ago I went through at least 6 mouse sanders. Prepping furniture is messy work. Sanders get dropped, things get stuck in them, and since EVERY piece of furniture we refinish gets sanded they get a lot of use. Could not be happier with how this piece of machinery has held up!

When Andrea decided to purchase this I have to admit, I wasn't a fan. I thought it was going to be a waste of money and we weren't going to use it and at first we really didn't. Now there is rarely a day this baby isn't running. The Cameo Silhouette opened a lot of creative doors for us and I have to admit - Andrea was right. ( She loves hearing that.)

5. Each other

Kudos to those of you who run your businesses by yourself. This summer Andrea and I realized how much we truly rely on each others strengths. It's crazy how much easier and enjoyable doing this "Be your own boss" thing is with each other. There is nothing like having your best friend by your side knowing exactly what you are thinking. We are each others sounding boards, voice of reason, and shoulder to lean on.

So there you have it. All you need to run a business: Amazon Prime, a Fuji Paint Spray Gun, Makita Orbit Sander, Silhouette Cameo Printer, and the best damn friend a girl can ask for.

Happy Making Friends!

*side note* the links are for our Amazon Affiliated Account and if you happen to purchase any of the items in this blog we do receive a small cut.

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