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You Can Only Keep Three Challenge

Time for a little bit of fun with us Gals at Brass Tacks. Here are the three things Andrea and Kendall couldn't go without.


1. Coffee - I am a bit of a Starbucks addict. I make time almost every morning (especially on the mornings I don't really have time to stop) to get myself a coffee fix. I've been late numerous times for Brass Tacks things because I wasn't going to go with out my latte, cold brew, or iced coffee.

Andrea's typical response to me showing up late coffee in hand is a simple shake of the head signifying acceptance of this fact of life.

2. Tacos - This shouldn't even need justification. Taco's are life. I could eat tacos every day of my life. There's just such a variety of ways to prepare them: Beef, steak, pork, chicken, fish, shrimp.....mmmmmmmmmmm I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. I'm literally making a shrimp taco menu list in my head right now while writing this. I also group into tacos all the delicious toppings you put on tacos: Quacamole, Salsa, slaws, and delicious sauces.

3. Leggings - I've said it once and I'll say it a million times LEGGINGS ARE LIFE! It's a rare day when I'm not wearing leggings. I wear them so much I wear holes in the crotches, probably a bit of TMI there, but TRUTH. I'm actually about to re-signup for Fabletics, because I am in desperate need of ordering like another dozen pairs of leggings.


1. Leggings - Whoever made leggings a social norm is my idle. I mean seriously so comfy it's like wearing pjs all day long. Can't complain one bit about that. If I do wear jeans for the day the moment I get home on go the leggings.

2. Chocolate - The struggle of having a sweet tooth is real.... I mean if ice cream was on the list that would be my pick but chocolate is next in line for desserts. Gummy worms vs chocolate, chocolate wins EVERY TIME. Peanut M&Ms are definitely a favorite and must be purchased for every 2+ hour road trip.

Andrea Tacos

3. Tacos - Yummmmm.

I pretty much love all the different combinations of tacos. If there are fish tacos on the menu odds are I'm going to be ordering them. Sooooo good! Some kind of a taco is a weekly staple at our house.

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