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Our Local Go To List

We get asked a lot of questions. Often we get asked if we do certain tasks and jobs. As much as we would love to be able to, we just CAN'T do it all. Here is our list (links included) of local business that are our number one recommendations go to guys and gals:

Local Happiness

Wordworking: While Kendall dabbles in the wood arts, we prefer to go to the professionals for custom wood projects (Anything more then a shelf or wall hanging really). We have worked extensively with Matt and couldn't be happier with his work.

Capital Wood Working

Owner: Matt Weber

Phone: (608) 620-1151


Interior Design: While we love seeing our pieces in your homes and can help you with color selection, we simply don't have the time or set-up to help you design an entire space. Here are two LOVELY ladies whose work we find truly inspiring.

Sarah George Designs

Owner: Sarah George

The Inviting Home

Owner: Renee Hedberg

Phone: (608) 658-1220


Upholstery: While Andrea does some limited upholstery (and has the skill to do bigger jobs) there just isn't enough time in the day to do ALL THE THINGS. We send everybody who is looking for upholstery help to the gentleman below.

The Upholsterer LLC

Owner: Mick Myrick

Phone: (608) 215-0411


Glass and Mirrors: Mirrors and glass break and need to be replaced a lot. Allow us to introduce you to our go to company for when disaster strikes. (Seriously in the 3.5 years we've been running this show - we've both racked up a lifetime of bad luck in broken mirrors)

Prairie Glass Co.

Owners: The Denmans

Phone: (608) 837-3457


All things Instruments and Piano: We don't do instruments. Simply because we know ABSOLUTELY nothing about them. But you know who does.......Marta at the Piano Gal. Hit her up for custom piano painting or instrument questions in general.

The Piano Gal

Owner: Marta Hansen

Phone: (608) 318-2677


And last, but not least - when our beer/wine/liquor selection needs a little restocking we hit up our favorite LOCAL place....... Cannery Wine and Spirits.

Cannery Wine and Spirits

Owners: Terry and Joe VanTassel

Address: Edit1120 West Main St, Sun Prairie, WI 53590

Cannery Wine Bar

Address: 212 E Main St, Sun Prairie, WI

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