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The Hard Parts of Being a Small Business

Never really knowing if what you are doing is right or wrong.

This can't just be us?!? Business changes and if you are going to stay in business change is constant and necessary. The problem is trying to figure out what's next. You can research things all you like, but at every decision is a following of your gut instinct. Basically, we are constantly making educated guesses and crossing our fingers things go well!

Little to No Work/Life Separation

  • Wake up - check business email and social media

  • Eating a meal - respond to customer question

  • Weekend off - thinking about all the ideas for the business

  • Sleeping - Wake up in the middle of the night dreaming about being at work

The struggle is real to step away from your "baby" and not think about it. I'm going on vacation in February and there is a very strong chance that I will delete Facebook, Email, and Instagram from my phone just to get a real break.

Coming Up with New Great Ideas

It never fails.... if you need to come up with some new ideas your mind goes blank. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas, but for us creatives it feels wrong to just do what somebody else is doing. It is a true source of pain when the well seems empty!

Making All the Decisions

Somedays what I really, truly miss the most about a "corporate job" is somebody else making decisions. Even with a business partner the decision making never stops. From big decisions to little are where the ball stops and it can be exhausting!

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