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Listen While You Work

What do you listen to while your working? Below is a list of each of our favorite things to listen to while working away.

Kendall's Listening Favorites

My Favorite Murder

If you have a fascination with all things murder, serial killers, or just the bizarre this podcast is for you. A friend told me about it and I in turn got Andrea hooked. The ladies who host it are a pair of Boss B**ches and not only do I love their podcast, I love watching them grow their business empire!


I know, I know...... It's kinda weird, but I truly love absolute quiet. This is even weirder because I am so often the source of noise. There are very few places in life that you can be alone with your thoughts. One of them is working by yourself. The other is driving. I frequently catch myself alone at the warehouse or driving with nothing playing. I guess my thoughts are entertainment enough. ;)

Books on Audible

I only get to listen to this when working alone in the warehouse. This doesn't happen often, but when it does you'll catch me listening to whatever book I'm currently on. I've listened to a lot - but I think my favorite has to be the Harry Potter Series ( the man who narrates does a GREAT job with voices!)

Kasey Musgraves Radio on Prime Music

I am a sucker for women pop music. I will not apologize for it and I will sing loudly along! (I will also get approximately half of the words right)

Andrea's Listening Favorites

Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher

I love a good business podcast and my current crush is Jenna Kutcher. She's kind of a local, UW Stevens Point Alumni and used to live in Fort Atkinson, WI which is just down the road from me so that's pretty cool. She interviews some great people and has great marketing advice that is easy to implement.

Old Dominion/Eric Church/Brothers Osbourne

This is my current favorite mix of country artists. I really listen to all different genres of music but find myself searching for this station on Pandora most frequently.


If it's a day where I have a big prepping/painting/finish to do list Beyonce is definitely the go to. She's definitely my get sh** done kind of jam.

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