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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: A story of working with a partner.

There's always a shoulder to lean on, because sometimes you just need somebody who understands.

Being upset with how they did something........cause why would you do it that way, it obviously should have been done this way!!!

Realizing that you need to get over it and walk away.......cause you should just be thanking your lucky stars somebody else did that job and you didn't have to.

Being able to come together to talking out ideas and strategies.

Being productive as hell........because when we work together........well Tina puts it best.

Working with each others strengths and weeknesses, because nobody can be good at everything!

Agreeing 99.9% of the time – but going to war for that .01% of the time you disagree

Living with each others quirks.........and somehow finding them endearing.

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