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10 Things We Can Do/ Do Now That We Couldn't or Hadn't Done 4 Years Ago.

In the beginning of our Brass Tacks journey there was a lot of trying new things. With all that trying in the beginning came self doubt, hesitance, awkward figuring it out moments, and try agains. Of the two of us, Andrea is definitely the "we got this" and first to jump in. I tend to linger a bit, testing the water and figuring out if I want to jump in our not.

So for our 4 year anniversary I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on all the ways I have grown and the abundance of things I can do now, that I would have never thought I would 4 years ago.

1. Use a miter saw/ table saw/ really any fast propelled blade tool.

Before owning our own business power tools scared me and there was always somebody else I could ask to preform the task I needed done with them. In the beginning we asked our husbands to cut boards and what not for us all the time, but that got old real quick, and we finally realized that power tools were our friends!

2. Build furniture.

I am by no means an expert in this field, but having the confidence to take raw supplies and put together a functioning piece of furniture it's truly one of my proudest accomplishments. I'm sure I am not doing everything the "right" way, but done is better then perfect for me at this point.

3. Take pretty pictures

Taking pictures that we were proud to put out there has been a process. Just when I think I am happy with how they are turning out I learn a new trick and they get better! It has taken many set ups, a lot of advice from online sources, and hours or mimicking the photos we loved that other people were taking.

4. Create and run a website

Our website seems like a constant work in progress. This could be because we constantly are changing our business model and goals. Who knows if we will ever feel like its perfect, but for two girls who had never created a website to put together the website we have, we'll pat ourselves on the back for that.

5. Run a market

First things first, we would not be able to run Makers Market - Sun Prairie with out the help of our wonderful friends, supportive families, generous landlord, and all of the creative makers that attend. There is a ton of work before the big day and we are always a little bit shocked by how we manage to pull it all off.

6. Use a Kreg Jig

If you don't have one or know what it is, all we can say is you need to get one and learn how to use it. This tool will change your life and open up doors you didn't know you needed or wanted opened.

7. Write a Blog

I am a horrible speller (have been since grade school) and my grammar is do you say...not awesome. Andrea is constantly spell checking / reading over everything I write, finding numerous errors and fixing them.

That being said, I love to put my thoughts and ideas on "paper", think I'm slightly entertaining, and am very lucky to have a business partner willing to cringe her way through my butchering of the English language on the daily to make this blog happen and appear intelligent.

8. Back up a trailer into a parking stall on the first try.

You guys! This one makes me SOOOOO happy. I have been driving trailers around probably since I started driving, but you know what.....I NEVER backed them up. I was simply too afraid of it. Once we got the BT trailer it just wasn't an option to not back that sucker up. I was horrible at first. Absolutely horrible and normally made Andrea do it. But now, I'm a trailer backing up rock star. I probably deserve a medal. Just saying.

9. Use a paint sprayer

This one was a game changer for us. We have to thank Andrea's mom for the nudge as she bought and started using one first, let Andrea test out hers, and then we bought ours. If you are thinking about purchasing a paint sprayer for your business......... DO IT! You will not regret it.

10. Know my way around Menards

Menards use to be a giant maze to me. I could find the light fixtures and paint sections. Numerous weekly trips in and out of several local Menards has turned all of that around. When the nice Menards employee asks me "Can I help you find something" I grin and reply "No, I'm good." It is the most satisfying of all the feelings.

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