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#andreahere These are a few of my FAVORITE things!

It's my birth month and 34 years of life (<- yikes that number keeps getting bigger, luckily in my head I'm still in my early 20's) has me reflecting on the things in life that make me TRULY happy and at peace!!

1. Family

This little crew of mine is EVERYTHING. They make the best days, there for me during the worst and all the sweet in between moments. These tiny people teach me so much about enjoying the little things, moving on quickly from disappointments, time is precious, and so much more.

Andrea's Crew

2. Live Music

My husband and I both enjoy seeing live music. It can be a small band/solo act at a local establishment or a bigger headliner at an event venue. I've really seen a big variety of genres but I'd say my favorites that I've seen are Eric Church, Justin Timberlake, Foo Fighters, & Garth Brooks.

Live Music Image

3. Sunsets

There's just something about watching the sun go down and watching it paint the sky that is mesmerizing. It's never the same and yet every time it has its beauty.

Sunset Sky

4. Planning and Executing

This one sounds silly but man I love a good plan. Logistics are my jam. Like I can plan a whole day's activities almost down to 15 minute increments. I always thought everyone could do this in their heads but at this "old" age I'm learning this is not a normal skill that everyone has.


5. Desserts

There is ALWAYS room for dessert!

Ice Cream


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