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Brass Snacks - Bite Size Restoration Stories

Parker - Brought to you by #andreahere, cause #kendallhere wanted to throw this one into the dumpster at first sight.

Normally, I don't have any problems seeing a pieces potential, and in an effort to defend myself and explain my actions I have to say this guy had so much going on that was wrong (those feet are funky, the double knobs should always be a hard NO!, and vanities haven't always been a great seller for us). I think my brain just shut down and said "Well, that one just can't be helped."

Thankfully, there are 2 of us and where one fails the other tends to pick it all up. Andrea saw this guy and loved the details and curves of it. A follower mentioned it had Lego legs so she immediately thought of getting those off and converting it into a taller "hairpin leg desk" and of course she was right. The fog raised and it becomes clear........

  • So we removed the mirror and filled in the space left with a 1x2.

  • We would definitely not be using two knobs on the bottom drawers so filled in those hole.

  • Those original feet while kinda cute, make the desk look like a minion, off they came and on went the hair pin legs

  • The wood grain of the veneer on the top drawers was so unique it had to be showcased so stripped and re-staining those drawers it was.

  • Paint it a brilliant custom emerald mix and top it off with Brass Knobs.

This is why there are two of us people. SO that horrible mistakes don't get made, cause this one turned out stunning!

OK, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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