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Kale - Green and Wood Mid Century Modern Hutch

Andrea and I are different people with different styles. We've noticed that whenever we get a true stunner - one that we both feel COULD NOT be any better- it's usually because we put our minds together to make it happen. Kale was one of those pieces.

Everything from how much wood, the color, and final hardware details was a collaboration.

Andrea fell in love with Kale as soon as she laid eyes on him in the Legler home. You can read more about that here! We knew right away that we wanted Kale to be our show stopper for our Spring 2019 market......we just weren't sure how we were going to do it.

For some reason - MCM pieces use to give me a mental block. I just wasn't sure how to respect their beautiful wood grain and still add our signature mark to it. So for Kale - I channeled my good friend Keely, who is all about the MCM vibes. I thought to myself, "What would make Keely NEEEEED this piece in her home"..........and boom, mental block destroyed. Keely would most definitely need a bright pop of color, even better if that color is green.

Not the greatest before photo - but you get the drift

So that's where we started. I came to Andrea with a the idea of a bright bold green. Andrea then decided what would be green and what would be wood. We agreed on Sherwin William's Kale green and got to work.

Some in progress action for you. We were making sure we liked the wood color with the green.

Kale was in great shape and we were so happy that with a little touch up stain we were able to keep so much of his original wood coloring and make him shine again. We also removed the glass doors because they have a way of really dating a piece. It's actually a bit crazy. Take out the glass on an old MCM hutch and boom - you have a completely different piece staring back at you.

The hardware on Kale was the hardest part for us to change. We are suckers for vintage / reclaimed hardware and when possible we like to leave it as is. I TRIED, I FOUGHT, and in the end I LOST. While Kale's pewter handles were AMAZING - it had this dark inside back that just wasn't working and the pewter itself was just to dull for Kale's new spiffy look. In the end, we brightened it up with coat of brass spray paint and I can live with this because that spray paint can always be removed.

I knew we nailed it as soon as we had Kale on the staging wall!

I knew we had nailed it as soon as we put Kale on the staging wall. Staging him was a bit tricky - but I got it there and his close ups caught all those great details. To confirm we had nailed it I messaged my friend Keely with the below before and after photo and caption "Inspired by you" her response, and I quote.

"Dude are you f*****g serious" "I AM OBSESSED"


Nailed It!!!!

And that my friends, is how you know you have a winner.

Reliving all the feels from this guy today!



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