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Walter - Raw Wood 6 Drawer Dresser

Sometimes a piece can turn out even better than what we expected when we first see it and a vision of its future flashes in our brains. Walter is one such case. #kendallhere knew when she saw them while picking up a piece at an estate sale that we had to have him.

Is that wood grain we see hiding underneath there?

Normally I would start you off with the pretty picture, but Walters story really should start at the beginning to be told properly. He was in great condition and a very sturdy, but he was covered in a laminated top coat that was dulled and hid his true beauty.

We thought maybe we would be able to remove it from the drawers at the very least and if we couldn't an all over paint job could be great too!So we went to work sanding and couldn't believe what we saw after sanding off that protective coating on the drawers. It was wall worth any extra time and effort so that finish then HAD to be removed from the dresser body as well.

I could stare into this wood grain pattern forever!

We then decided on simple black handles and knobs. Why distract and take any attention away from that woodgrain!?!

Before and Afters are the best!

So remember to always take a second look at your pieces. A beautiful wood grain could be sitting right in front of your nose like Walters!

Ok that's all for this one...........byyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!


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