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Brass Snacks - Bite Sized Restoration Stories

Blain - Sherwin Williams Mineral Deposit 6 Drawer Dresser

Refinished furniture can either come together just as quick as hitting a nail on the head or more slowly like putting together a puzzle one piece at a time. Blain was like that for us. Actually he was kind of like that puzzle we started putting together, got half way through and said "good enough" then came back to and were like "why did we just stop there, it would be so much better if its all put together?!".

Our good friend gifted us Blain, and threatened to unfriend us if we wouldn't take him for free. We love her dearly so free dresser it was even though Blain is solid wood and we knew he was gonna be great. (Don't worry, we make sure to spoil our friends whenever we get the chance so Blains fees were paid eventually ;)

First thoughts were, lets just keep him white, add some legs and new bang boom new and improved and ready to hit the streets we give you Blain 1.0

He's pretty cute right?

So Blain hit the sales floor and a couple people were interested. He had a couple showings, but nobody loved him enough to take him home. For our Spring 2020 collection Covid-19 craziness had broken out and we were short on pieces and there Blain was still just sitting there. So we brainstormed and thought maybe he need hardware on every drawer and a new grey paint job to really shine.

We give you Blain 2.0

It's amazing how those two small changes made such a difference!

The color is Sherwin Williams Mineral Deposit. Not a huge shake up, but something other than just white seemed to give Blain a little extra pep to his step. The hardware on all 6 drawers made him look a bit more balanced and gave a little extra something in the wow factor department.

The process is important when creating something new. Listen to that nagging voice in the back of your head when it tells you it needs something else. Maybe that puzzle won't sit in the corner unfinished for as long then.

Ok that's all for this one...........byyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!


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