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Interview with a Maker - Becca and Courtney of Hook + Loom

While their combined business Hook+Loom is newer to the makers scene - Becca and Courtney are not. These talented and creative ladies will inspire you and your style!

So happy our paths crossed with these talented ladies!

What do you Make/ what is your business all about?

Textiles and the pure love of color... and two friends who share this interest. Becca is weaving, dyeing and does book arts as well.  Courtney is knitter, dyer and sewist. Hook + Loom came together as a collaborative project.


How did you get started?

Instagram.  We met there and realized our common interests and close proximity. C is in Madison and B is in Milwaukee. Our first "in-person" meet up was in Delafield and we worked together on a community quilting project, the rest have been family meet ups and brainstorm sessions.


What's your biggest SUCCESS this far?

Working full time jobs + being moms + finding time to make! No small task, but hugely important on all fronts.

All the pretty things!!!


What's your biggest Failure?

One day if I look back years from now, I hope I would say that our greatest failure was trying to monetize and monitor profits- instead of realizing that the value of our friendship and objects played a large role in our personal welfare as well as those of our clients.  Textiles are the ultimate comfort food- we as makers reap the benefits- and if lucky our clients stand to benefit as well.


What do you love the most about making/your business?

We genuinely love that we can share a wearable object that can be so close to the client and journey with her through her day. Warmth, care in construction, those day-glow colors all impact the wearer and hopefully bring them smiles throughout winter days.

Something about this process is just captivating!

What is your business Super Strength?

Having two of us means we have accountability and backup.  4 year olds don't go too many days between getting sick- so having both of us in the same shoes, really makes a difference when inevitably something pops up.


What advice do you have to those makers/ entrepreneurs afraid to take the next step?

Just "try". Nothing can be more empowering than trying it- experiment- see what happens.

Hook + Loom Set up at Makers Market - their first outdoor market!

What is your spirit animal and why?

Neon sheep of course.

I need a farm filled with this


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