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If at first you don't succeed..........

We refinish a lot of furniture. A LOT. For the most part transformations come easy to us. But even we have "problems" with our visions turning out. We take a step back, re-evaluate, and come up with better solutions.

Attempt one: "Big bold color and it should be good to go!" But even with that bold tealy blue this piece still fell flat and was just boring.

Fix: We jazzed up the front with a geometric pattern sticky wallpaper, painted those metal legs brass, and added some brass knobs. Ahhhhhh so much better.

Attempt One: Bold color for a kids room desk. Then this desk sat and sat. People looking for desks for kids rooms.....not interested.

Fix: Tame down that color for a more neutral desk that can go anywhere.

Attempt One: #kendallhere.........I still love attempt one. The wood knobs where just so cool and the persian blue color is an all time favorite of mine. But, you guys didn't dig it. So I sucked up my pride...

Fix: We decided to let the lines of this wave front dresser do the talking and went with a neutral white and brass hardware. She sold instantly.

Attempt One: We loved this functional bookshelf and decided to keep it simple with a neutral white. Once painted it just looked so squatty.

Fix: NEW LEGS! Goodbye squatty and hello beautiful.

Attempt One: We orginally were thinking a light brown color would look great. The wood grain however did not agree and refused to cooperate.

Fix: Remove that stain job and white wash that beautiful wood grain. I keep thinking that this finish makes the oak look almost like the bark of a birch tree.


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