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The Legler Legacy: A Story About Reviving Family Furniture.

Family stories are important to the Legler family of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Their home held 40+ years of love, but they would soon be moving out of their long-time home. They had several solid pieces of furniture that withstood years of use, holding memories and still having a lot of life left in them. The problem is that nobody in the family had any use for the furniture pieces... and they had to go. Selling them all individually would be a daunting task. Seeing them revived and re-purposed would make the process of letting them go so much easier.

Andrea's son and our AWESOME photographers daughter with Baby Jack & Co lovies

Brass Tacks was contacted to assist the Legler's and it was obvious from the get-go that they cared very much about their items and had taken great care of them. Every piece of furniture had a history and story; some originating from decades ago via both Randy and Nancy’s parents and grandparents. Getting a chance to be a part of that story and continuing the life of the Legler’s pieces is the best part of reviving furniture. That the family found peace knowing that their family farm furniture and heirlooms were going to be re-purposed and revived is the cherry on the top.

Below are all the fantastic pieces refinished........we think they turned out pretty schnazzy!!

Upon following up with the Legler family, after reviving their furniture, we found out that Randy Legler grew up on a Sun Prairie family farm years ago. Now, Randy and Nancy’s grand-kids are the face of a new fun family business called Baby Jack & Company. Baby Jack, a Milwaukee business, creates children’s tag blankets and toys designed by Jack and Bailey and owned by their daughter-in-law Kelley (Brian) Legler.

How adorable is this "Farm Learning Lovey" blanket??!!!

Several of the pieces of furniture we purchased from the Leglers served as inspiration for our Spring 2019 Collection, which included a very fun and colorful kids themed room. Sticking with the farm roots of the pieces, we decided to go with a bright barn red on a great wood armoire that is the focal point of this farm life photo, pairing perfectly with the “Farm Learning Lovey” blanket that Randy and Nancy’s grand-kids designed!

Cute Kid, cute armoire, cute blanket........what else do you need?

Nancy and Randy are the type of people that welcome you into their home graciously, with cookies at the ready after all the heavy lifting is done. It was a great experience working with them. These products will inspire many more looks for Brass Tacks and clearly it was fate that this family and both of our small businesses would connect!

Big THANK YOU to the Legler Family - Be sure to stop on over at Baby Jack and Company!

Also to our AMAZING photographer - KaitlinSheranPhotography for the photos above!


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