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Spring Makers Market - Sun Prairie 2018

Can we just take a minute and talk about our vendors?!?! They are AMAZING and none of it is possible without them! From the seasoned veterans of the market world to the makers showing at their first market, we are fortunate to have every single one of them attend and share their talents with our community! Working with these artisans, makers, and dreamers is what we love to do and they keep us motivated to be the best host we can possible be!

Look at all these amazing goodies our vendors came with!


To our Makers Market - Sun Prairie shoppers, thank you for coming out and supporting all of our little businesses.

I mean look at that line that started at 7:30! An hour and a half before the gates opened you were lining up. By the time we opened the gates that line went all the way down the street to the roundabout!

To quote a good friend and vendor of ours "Everybody is just so nice! I love talking with everybody and meeting all of these new people!"

It truly is the best feeling ever when somebody purchases something you made! Thanks for giving so many vendors reasons to do happy dances!

And last but not least.......we have to thank our amazing support system of friends and family that showed up big to help with everything from portering vendors onto the field, working the ticket gate, checking out customers, and being bodies in the crowd to help out wherever needed. We really need to start taking a group photo so yu can all get acknowledge for being the awesome people you are!


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