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These are a few of my FAVORITE things! #kendallhere

It's my birth month and 34 years of life has me reflecting on the things in life that make me TRULY happy and at peace!!

1. Swimming

I LOVE being in water! Weather floating, swimming laps, or just getting my toes in the water it makes all lifes problems disappear for at least a moment!

2. Dogs

We all know those people who are "crazy pet people" never thought I would be one, but it has become apparent to me that I am. Chances are I'll like somebody's dog before I know if I like or dislike the person. But, I am cool with it because animals are awesome and that's just reality.


3. Feeding Small Armies

I do not know how to cook for less then 10 people. Even if I'm just cooking for Bob-O and myself, you can guarantee enough food to feed us for the week. This love of cooking large quantites serves me well in life and has also led into a love of entertaining!


4. Vodka

Vodka gets me. Easy and simple. You see me out and want to get me a drink..........make it anything with Vodka and I will be happy :)


5. Leggings

I swear I own 4 pairs of jeans, but the chances of you seeing me in them are slim. It does happen but not often and it's because leggings are life.



Because you can't drink Vodka all day I found the next best thing. Starbucks got me with this one and now I feel like the majority of the employees who work the drive thru in Sun Prairie recognize me on the regular.


7. My Birthday!

Yes, I am one of those! July is my birth month and you can wish me a Happy Birthday any day of this month.......I am celebrating life!



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