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Interview with a Maker - Anj Lindsey Hardin / Tossed and Found

Anj has been a part of the Brass Tacks story from the early days! She first came to our store as a consignor who had just started Tossed and Found. We admirer her fun and creative aesthetic and watching her business grow and change has been so fun to be apart of!

Look at that face! We just love her!


What do you Make/ what is your business all about?

I love to find well-made, old treasures that are looking for a new lease on life.  That can include large pieces of furniture or small home decor.  Currently, my greatest creative love is something I call "Scrabble Babble", whereby I take outdated frames, fill them with vintage fabric and Scrabble tiles that spell out inspirational or silly (or terribly naughty) phrases. The possibilities are endless and I never tire of it! 


How did you get started?

When I was fired from what I *thought* was my dream job, I was crushed! After a few months of soul searching and unwavering support from my husband, I decided to try this path on my own.  At the beginning, I was mostly doing odd jobs and furniture updating for friends...then I dove in and tried my first maker's market, selling mostly vintage items with a few of my updated goodies thrown in. The response to my work was overwhelming..."You liked me! You really liked me!" Now I'm two years in to the market circuit and I couldn't be happier! 


What's your biggest SUCCESS this far?

My greatest success? That's a hard one! I think, though, I'd have to say it's the confidence I've gained. And *that* confidence comes from the amazing collection of local makers I've met along the way.  The support and friendship and encouragement I get from the maker community is so amazing. I couldn't be successful without them! THANK YOU, makers! 

We are in love with Anj's scrabble babble!


What's your biggest Failure?

Biggest failure!? I think this process is full of "mini-failures" that help me be a better maker/person. Each day is a new lesson! (Also...dumping all your ORGANIZED scrabble tiles all over the driveway into the pile of "whirly-gigs" is a #majorfail!! lol) 



What do you love the most about making/your business?

I love so much about what I do...but I'd have to say, again, my favorite part is the community of people I get to interact with at maker's shows. Truly awesome and creative group of folks! I also *really* love meeting new clients and creating something truly unique and meaningful for them. Custom orders are my fave! 


What is your business Super Strength?

My super strength?! Oy...that's a tough one! I feel like I keep mentioning all the other makers I've met...but they truly give me strength! I love talking with customers, and I think my "people skills" are a big part of what makes me successful. 


What advice do you have to those makers/ entrepreneurs afraid to take the next step?

My advice to newbies is....just go for it! What have you got to lose? Find what inspires you, do your best to make it your own and then JUMP! You'll never know if you never try.  


What is your spirit animal and why? spirit animal? Ha! What kind of animal is both focused and easily distracted at the same time!? Seems like while I'm working on one project, my head is spinning with what I can do NEXT! 

Just some of Tossed and Founds Many Goodies


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