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What Don't I Know About Kendall

1. What is one hobby that you love that you don't do as often as you'd like?

I love being on the lake. Driving boats, swimming, and enjoying adult beverages. We have a cottage up north that I haven't been able to get up to as much as I like and we still don't have a boat/dock for our lake that we just built our home on.


2. If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

Knowing and being able to say the right thing at any moment. I think this would come in handy in so many ways; somebody you love is hurting - boom make it better, trying to convince somebody of something - boom convinced, somebody acting like a dueche and needs to be told off politely - boom person put in place properly.


3. If you had your own talk show, who would be your first guest?

So, I'm not huge on celebrities. For the most part I believe they are just regular people who are better looking than 90% of the population. That being said, I have a celebrity crush on both Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively and I would like to stare at them in person.


4. What's the best Kendall story from your childhood that your family still talks about to this day?

Ughhhhhhh..........this one is easy, and they NEVER let me forget it. As a child my brother, sister and I were behind my grandparents garage in our "fort" digging a trap for the kids who lived above my grandparents because "how dare they come into our fort". There were only two shovels and a pitchfork. I some how had got stuck with the pitchfork. When my sister dropped her shovel and went inside I immediately snagged her shovel discarding my pitchfork behind me and went on my merry way digging with the shovel. I was maybe 7-8 at the time and to get the shovel into the dirt I had to jump up into it. One jump loosened the dirt quickly and I fell backwards butt first onto the pitchfork. If my brother and sister tell the story they say I ran around dragging the pitchfork behind me yelling "pull it out, pull it out" I maintain there is no F**KING way that is possible as I very distinctly remember being on the ground in a crab pose hovering above the pitchfork yelling "pull it out, pull it out" as they stood there and laughed at me. My brother finally came over and pulled the pitchfork out. I then quickly ran inside, told my mom what happened, and fainted while sitting on the toilet.

This story is such a family favorite that my sister used it in college in a speaking class when they had to tell an embarrassing story about themselves. She simply put herself into my place, told the story without a hitch of embarrassment, and the professor even complimented her on her unabashed telling of such an embarrassing moment in life..........especially the "pull it out, pull it out" part.


5. If you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine, what would it be and why?

Doing my hair. But I want my hair be clean

and look professionally styled. Most days I just through it up into a pony tail and the days that I do spend the time to actually do something with it, I hate the time it takes and being hot - cause blow dryers and curling irons.


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