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What don't I know about you?

#Kendallhere Asks #Andreahere 5 Questions:

1. How do you really feel about having to be the organized one out of the two of us?

Honestly, it's pretty ok with me. My family nickname is BP2 (Bossy Pants #2) in the most loving way possible. Us BP's like to schedule and get things done. It runs thick in our blood to make plans and execute them.
Andrea and Her Family
Me and My Crew

2. I think I'm do you do this "be your own boss" thing with 2 kids?

Most days I don't even know! Somehow the newborn that I used to bring to the warehouse with me during my "maternity leave" is now 2+ years old! I really try to look at my "job" as a lifestyle and not so much as work. I get to be creative and kinda sorta make my own hours while still being available for my kids and family. Plus refer back to question #1 (above) I plan EVERYTHING! Life is as busy as you make it!

3. IF we weren't already living our best lives.........what would your dream job be?

Hmmmm, I kinda love logistics. (insert finger pushing up nerd glasses here) Like how Amazon is able to get everything under the sun delivered in 1-2 days absolutely blows my mind. So probably some sort of planning/logistics type job.

4. What's one thing, if you had no limitations, that you would change about your professional or personal life.

Jeez, this is getting intense! I don't know if this is the right track but the ability to network and connect with people face to face. Seriously, I'm such an introvert when it comes to meeting people. Like please ignore me in the corner at this event cause that awkward silence during conversations gives me hives. It's definitely something I've been working on over the past 5+ years but still a struggle. I'm always in awe of how my husband seems to know everyone in the state of Wisconsin and beyond because he can genuinely go up to anyone and start up a conversation.

5. What's your favorite thing about or from our last 5 years in business?

Hands down, Makers Market Sun Prairie! I remember after the first one we hosted we were both in tears of happiness. The fact that people showed up and absolutely loved it blew my mind. I mean you always want to think the things you are working on are going to be great but you never really know until you put it out there. The fact that we are able to bring so many amazing people together for one day that truly supports this makers community is absolutely incredible every single time.
Makers Market Sun Prairie


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